According to a recent article in Claims Journal Magazine, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles are tops in cargo thefts in the USA. The other top states for cargo theft are:
• Texas
• Florida
• New Jersey
• Illinois
• Georgia
High valued outbound freight is typically followed out of Florida and into Georgia. Illinois is working to slow down container rail theft at their major railroad hubs.
Right now, pharmaceuticals and electronic cargo are the most targeted. As summer approaches, whatever is in great demand will be targeted. The Christmas season starts around August when toys and electronic equipment cargo begins to disappear. While many of the thefts can be traced back to the driver, driver negligence or the employees at the carrier’s terminal, organized crime rings are most likely to blame for high value cargo theft.

Unfortunately, few arrests are made since it is almost impossible to create and monitor the tools necessary for GPS or surveillance to track cargo thefts being committed by organized crime rings.

Make sure your clients have the coverage they need to keep them and their cargo safe while in the terminal, at port, or on the road.